List of Expertise

The department is divided into research sections. Below you will find a list of research areas of the individual researchers affiliated with the department.

Click on the research area to find an expert. Please be aware that not all researchers speak Danish.

Innovation, Technology and Information Management

Birte Asmuß
Organisational communication
Management communication
Management of People    
Qualitative methods  

Carsten Bergenholtz
Social networks in organisations
Individual and collective problem-solving
Organising for innovation
Citizen science

Per Blenker
Entrepreneurship education
Entrepreneurial learning
Opportunity formation

Andrea Carugati
Digital transformation
IT strategy
Enterprise architecture
Implementation of mandated IT systems
Digitally enabled work

Finn Frandsen
Organisational crises, crisis management and crisis communication
Emergency management in public sector organisations
Risk society and risk organisations 
Stakeholders and intermediaries (i.e. trade associations)
Communicative institutionalism (neo-institutional theory)  

Lars Frederiksen
Innovation management and strategy
Entrepreneurship and business development
Open innovation: Knowledge creation, sharing and transfer
Social networks and communities
Business model innovation
Software and infrastructure

Franziska Günzel-Jensen
Creation and growth of new ventures
Social and environmental entrepreneurship
UN Sustainability Goals
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the public sector

Lise Tordrup Heeager
IS project management
Agile project management
Agile organisations
Software development

John Howells
Innovation and its development
Management of intellectual property
Role of patents in technology development
Strategies, private and public for research and development (R&D)
Economic behaviour and property rights (focused on patents and patent law)

Winni Johansen
Crisis management and crisis communication
Social media and crisis communication
Corporate communication in private and public organisations
Corporate branding and reputation
Change management and change communication  

Constance Elizabeth Kampf
Knowledge management in project organising
Managing small scale innovation projects
Project communication in Agile and Waterfall contexts
Social media management
Technology and consumer social responsibility

Sune Dueholm Müller
Digital innovation
Digital transformation
Process innovation
Business Process Management
Digital health    

Helle Neergaard 
Enterprising behaviour
Female entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial growth 

Anne Ellerup Nielsen
Corporate social responsibility/sustainability communication
Corporate volunteering and community engagement
Corporate marketing and branding
Corporate communication and stakeholder relationship
Qualitative method     

Robert Ormrod
Political marketing
Consumer behaviour
Stakeholder management

Irene Pollach
Reputation management
Media reputation (business news)
Reputation and CSR
Reputation and social media
Computer-assisted text analysis

Helle Alsted Søndergaard 
Innovation management
Idea management
Open innovation

Christa Thomsen
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Management/strategic communication
Employer branding
Cross-sector social interactions
Qualitative methods 

Claus Thrane
Entrepreneurship theory
Startups and business development
Entrepreneurship education and facilitation
Opportunity creation
Entrepreneurial identity creation


Jessica Aschemann-Witzel
Consumer behaviour and choice
Marketing and marketing communication
Sustainability marketing    
Food waste and consumer behaviour
Healthy food choice and healthy eating behaviour
Organic food markets and marketing

Tino Bech-Larsen
Consumer behaviour
Market communication
Barriers and facilitators for healthy eating

Karen Brunsø
Consumer behavior and food choice
Cross-cultural marketing 
Family decisions and children's influence

Polymeros Chrysochou
Brand performance and loyalty
Healthy eating behaviour
Packaging and labeling research
Market modeling

Chris Ellegaard
Strategic purchasing 
Global sourcing 
Interorganisational relations 
Social interaction in buyer-supplier relations Supply chain management

Lars Esbjerg
Animal welfare in a value chain perspective
Food retailing
Local food production
Standards and third-party certification
Value chain collaboration

Klaus G. Grunert
Consumer behaviour
User-driven new product development
Customer relationship management
Food marketing, healthy eating

Alice Grønhøj
Families and children as consumers
Sustainable consumption: energy saving, buying "green" products, waste disposal 
Food and healthy eating

Marco Hubert
Digital marketing
Smart home research
Consumer behaviour
Consumer neuroscience

Lina Jacobsen
Consumer behaviour
User-driven product development
Food marketing
Online food communities

Birger Boutrup Jensen 
Consumers' price information processing 
Consumer research

Liisa Lähteenmäki 
Consumer behaviour and food choice 
Health claims and health in food choices
Food waste in households
Integrating consumer insights in food innovation

Erik Kloppenborg Madsen 
Business ethics and corporate social responsibility 
Marketing and sustainability

Jacob Lund Orquin
Consumer psychology
Judgment and decision making
Eye tracking

Susanne Pedersen
Consumer behaviour
Healthy eating
Families and adolescents as consumers
Organic food
Social media marketing

Anne Peschel
Consumer behaviour 
Behavioural pricing 
Eye tracking 
Scanner panel data analysis

John Thøgersen
Organic food 
Transport choices
Energy saving behaviour
Consumer behaviour    

Organisation, Strategy and Accounting

Jakob Arnoldi
Chinese business
Social networks
Social capital
Risk and uncertainty
Risk management and financial technologies

Anne Bøllingtoft
Organisational behaviour
Change management
Leadership training and development

Adam Gordon
Industry foresight
Strategic renewal
Leadership of change
Digital strategy

Jesper Rosenberg Hansen
Public Management
Differences between public organisations and private companies
Strategic Management in public organisations
Organisational behavior and leadership in public organisations 
Contracting out in public organisations

Anna Holm
Strategic management
Business modelling and business model innovation
Media business models
Strategic HRM
Strategic staffing: recruitment, selection and retention
Employer branding

Morten Jakobsen
Management accounting in the agricultural sector
Inter-organisational management accounting
Cost management
Performance measurement

Peter Kesting
Entrepreneurship and new venture creation
Innovation (with a special focus on employee-driven innovation)
Negotiations in research and practice
China related topics

Ingo Kleindienst
Corporate/business strategy
Global strategy/internationalisation
Strategy processes
CEO and top executives
Strategic change

Erik Reimer Larsen
Energy policy
Electricity markets
Modelling and simulation
Organisational theory

Jakob Lauring 
International management
Expatriates and international HRM
Teams – virtual and face-to-face
Organisational behavior and organisational psychology
Diversity management

Mona Toft Madsen 
Middle management in new organisational forms
Management roles, identities and careers
Process consultation
Organisational change processes

Panagiotis Mitkidis
Behavioral economics and decision making
Organisational psychology
Health decision making
Business Ethics and moral psychology
Game theory and cooperation

Yulia Muratova
Business in emerging markets (Eastern Europe, Russia, China)
Political and social risk analysis
Strategy for political and social risk management
International business strategy​

Ann-Kristina Løkke Møller 
Human resource management
Management (public/private)
Job attitudes
Organisational behaviour

Jørn Flohr Nielsen
Strategy and organisational change in public organisations including the public healthcare system
Organisational change and development
Organisational change models and participation
Organisational aspects of service management

Robson Rocha
Multinational/transnational corporations
Brazilian business system and Danish business system
International strategy
Employee driven innovation
Work environment

Pernille Smith
Knowledge creation, integration and transfer
Innovation management and strategy
Coordination in self-managed teams and shared leadership
Social cognition

Elmer Fly Steensen 
Strategy processes: How companies develop and accomplish effective strategies
Business Strategy
Marketing strategy
Strategic Management

Henrik B. Sørensen
Disruption and business models
Change management
HR (personnel management and strategies)
Management and organisational structures
Business strategies

John Parm Ulhøi
Management systems and business model design 
Authority distribution and organisational participation
Organisational renewal  
Innovation Management
The interplay between anthropogenic factors (industry and technology) and the natural environment

Christian Waldstrøm
Social network analysis (SNA/ONA)
Social capital
Knowledge sharing
Social networks and organisations

Hybrid Intelligence

Jacob Sherson
Hybrid intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning
Individual and collective problem-solving
Digital Transformation and 21st century skills
Creativity assessment and collaborative learning
Gamification, crowdsourcing and citizen science