OSA seminar by Kyosuke Tanaka

Imaginary Network Motifs: Structural Patterns of False Positives and Negatives in Social Networks

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Wednesday 18 May 2022,  at 12:00 - 13:00




The OSA Section, MGMT

Despite the consensus that individuals are related in more than one way to each other, most social network research examines only one type of relationship at a time. This limits our understanding of interpersonal relationships in teams and organizations. Namely, the coexistence of multiple types of interpersonal relationships between two individuals plays a major role in these settings (e.g., friendship, advice-seeking, conflict, positive, negative, or perceptions). But how do we make sense of this multiplex relationship, and how do we analyze this type of network data? In my talk, I argue that these issues are due to conceptual and methodological limitations. Therefore, I propose a conceptual and analytical framework to solve these limitations and provide researchers with a way to organize multiplex interpersonal relationships in teams and organizations. The main feature of this framework is to provide guiding principles to make sense of multiplex interpersonal relationships. I illustrate how the proposed framework enables new insights to emerge in an empirical context of cognitive networks.


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